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Southern Adirondack Audubon Society

Protecting the environment through the preservation of natural habitats
 and the advancement of environmental education

          Public programs are held in either the Christine McDonald Community Room of the Crandall Library in Glens Falls or in the Harry Dutcher Community Room of the Saratoga Springs Public Library. 

                      Library Logo For the Crandall Library:  Directions and a map may be found here.  
**You may call Crandall Library at 792-6508 to see if the library has closed due to weather**

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For the Saratoga Springs Library:  Directions and a map may be found here.  
**You may call the Saratoga library at 518-584-7860 to see if the library has closed due to weather**

Wed, April 25 - 7 p.m.
Crandall Library, Glens Falls

"Modern Threats to Age-old Adirondack Waterways"
with Dan Kelting, Executive Director of the Adirondack Watershed Institute


Although the Adirondack Park has been likened to an island, and thus somehow separate and insulated, today it is under threats from outside that seem inexorable.  In the late twentieth century it was acidic precipitation falling from the skies, today it is invasive plants and animals creeping in on the boats and trailers.  We will hear the latest in the quickly moving invasion that may change the regionís waterways forever.

Dan Kelting joined the faculty at Paul Smithís College (PSC) in 2003 as Executive Director of the Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI). From 1999 to 2003 Dan was a faculty member at North Carolina State University (NCSU), where he served as Co-Director of the Forest Nutrition Cooperative and Assistant Professor in the Department of Forestry. Dan received his Ph.D. in Forest Soils from Virginia Tech and he also holds an A.A.S. in Forest Technology, a B.S. in Resource Management, and an M.S. in Forestry. Through his graduate work and activities at NCSU, Dan developed a range of expertise in natural resources science and management with particular emphasis on forest productivity, soils, and nutrient cycling. While at NCSU, Dan conducted forestry research and outreach activities throughout the southeastern U.S. and in Columbia and Chile. Under his leadership, the AWI has developed the largest water quality monitoring and aquatic invasive species programs in the Adirondacks. Dan uses data from these programs to support and leverage his research and that of the Institute. Dan also teaches upper level courses in Forest Soils and Laboratory Methods, and mentors students for their undergraduate capstone projects.


Please do your best to avoid wearing fragranced products to the programs.  Fragranced products trigger allergies, asthma, and migraines in others.

 For more information please see:
Joyce Miller's Fragrance Sensitivity Awareness webpage


Coming Up!
May 23 at Glens Falls
"Green Roof Technology"