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Southern Adirondack Audubon Society

Protecting the environment through the preservation of natural habitats
 and the advancement of environmental education

SAAS strongly encourages our members to adhere to the
American Birding Association Code of Birding Ethics
that can be found on the ABA website

Blue-headed Vireo
Barn Swallow
Yellow Warbler pair

Got Birds?    We Can Help You Find Them and Identify Them!
Here is some information to help you find birds in the SAAS chapter area.  We hope you find this page helpful.
If you have questions or suggestions,
please email us  


Birding Locations in the SAAS Chapter Area
These birding spots are all within the Southern Adirondack Audubon's locale of Warren, Washington,
and Saratoga Counties in northern New York State. Site write-ups include a description, directions, and pictures.

Betar Byway & the SGF Beach Bikeway Extension

This area includes a 1.9 mile (one-way) trail in South Glens Falls along the Hudson River including mixed woods, riverfront, wetland, and beach.

Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail
This two-mile trail follows an abandoned railway through open marsh, wet meadow, and forested wetland habitats in the Town of Saratoga.

This complex includes a one mile nature trail, a pond open to motorless boats, and a marsh overlook structure in the Town of Greenwich, Washington County. There is open water, emergent marsh, wooded swamp, shrub wetlands, forests, old fields, grasslands, and shrubland.

Hudson River frontage and a network of land trails in varied habitats will assure a variety of species in most every season.

The Grasslands of Washington County
This vast open grassland and agricultural complex is comprised of both private land and almost 500 acres purchased and protected by New York State as the Washington County Grasslands Wildlife Management area.  Birders visit in winter for raptors and in summer for grassland breeding birds.

Hudson Crossing Park
This park located in Schuylerville offers a system of trails, a picnic area, and access to both the Champlain Canal and the Hudson River.  Diverse habitats of riverfront, open fields, and wooded trails support a wide array of bird species.

Spring Run Trail
This paved level trail in the City of Saratoga Springs has diverse habitat and supports a wide variety of bird species.

The Towpath Road in the Town of Kingsbury
Four miles of varied habitat that offers great birding in any season

Important Bird Areas

SAAS is fortunate to have several Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and Bird Conservation Areas (BCAs) within the chapter boundaries.
Learn more about IBAs and BCAs here.

Capital District Bird Finding Calendar
Courtesy of Tom Williams

Although compiled for the Capital region, this calendar will help you understand which species are found locally year-round, which are migrants, and when you can expect to see them.  Thanks, Tom, for creating this great resource!

FREE Audubon Birding App!

Audubon has made it's award winning birding app
available to everyone at no cost!  

*Identify 821 species of birds
*Listen to songs and calls
*Find out what birds have been recently reported locally

More information and download links here:

Grassland Birds
Learn about the grassland bird species that breed and winter in the
Fort Edward and Washington County Grasslands

Download and print a flyer here.
Savannah Sparrow
Upland Sandpiper
Vesper Sparrow
Killdeer Nest
Savannah Sparrow Upland Sandpiper Vesper Sparrow Killdeer Nest

You Asked for It!


Nestbox plans for American Kestrel can be found here, and dimensions for other species here.  Cornell's website, All About Birds, has a wealth of information about attracting birds to your yard and garden.

294 and Counting!
The list of bird species found within our chapter area grows each season. Recent additions include Ruff, Kentucky Warbler and Little Gull.   Will you be the next to add to the list?     Check out the complete species list here!
 If you find those winter raptors troublesome to identify, try this page to help sort them out!  Photos courtesy of Gordie Ellmers and descriptions of flight behavior will aid in helping you learn to identify even the most difficult ones.


The 119th Christmas Bird Count is History!
Read about our chapter's
count here.

Nest with Eggs
This PDF file provides the earliest date for eggs, unfledged juveniles, and fledglings for over 175 breeding bird species
 of our area.

If you have trouble identifying those raptors as they migrate overhead, the HMANA's
"Guide to Hawks Seen in North America" will be a great reference for you.  You can download and print it here.