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Some of Our Past Conservation Projects

Volunteers Transform West Brook into a Paradise for Birds
Another Toyota Together Green Project!

     More than 30 volunteers from the Southern Adirondack Audubon Society and Lake George Association went to work along the banks of West Brook in Lake George on Saturday replacing an invasive honeysuckle with native plants. In the process they transformed the neglected area into a paradise for birds, said Lynne Rosenthal of the Lake George Association. The group replaced about 36 invasive honeysuckle bushes with a variety of Adirondack native shrubs including winterberry, red chokeberry, silky dogwood, red twig dogwood, swamp rose, buttonbush, eastern ninebark, and northern bayberry. 
     “A number of our native shrubs, such as dogwoods and northern bayberry have berries with a very high fat content – so they are great for the birds, “ said Emily DeBolt, the LGA’s director of education.  “While shrubby honeysuckle has lots of berries, they aren’t actually good for the birds. They are sugar water, so they don’t provide real nutrition. The birds need fat to build up their energy reserves for either their fall migration, or for staying here and making it through the long cold winter”.  A TogetherGreen grant to the Southern Adirondack Audubon Society paid for the new shrubs.
-Write up from the Lake George Mirror
Planting native shrubs

Volunteers removing invasives


Students in Pat Boire’s Tech Student Association at Bolton Central School have constructed a whopping 75 bluebird nest boxes for Southern Adirondack Audubon Society.  Six 9th and 10th grade students cut, drilled, and assembled the rough wood boxes, for the bargain rate of $2.00 each. The boxes have been placed in suitable habitat within our chapter, and will be monitored properly. Several will be placed in the Saratoga National Historical Park.

The Eastern Bluebird is New York State’s official bird.  Once declining in population, bluebirds are making a comeback. Numbers declined in part from nest competition with House Sparrows and European Starlings. Use of harmful pesticides and loss of habitat are other factors.  According to the North American Bluebird Society, the future can still be promising for the bluebird. The most important step we can take to help them is to provide nesting sites by setting out a box, or starting a bluebird trail.

SAAS is grateful to Bolton’s Central School’s Tech Student Association for their woodworking skills and community spirit.

Students Construct

Students Construct Houses

The final product

Bolton tech class students constructing the bluebird houses The final product!

 Wood Duck Project at Carter's Pond

Our chapter recently partnered with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the Waterfowl Improvement Association (WIA) to provide wood duck nestboxes at the state-owned Carter’s Pond Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Greenwich.   Carter’s Pond is designated an Important Bird Area by Audubon New York and a Bird Conservation Area by NYSDEC.

Boxes around the periphery of the lake have been in a state of disrepair for some time. SAAS purchased 10 new boxes for this project.  Local decoy company, Dux’ Dekes of Greenwich, generously supplies the lumber, the Waterfowl Improvement Association supplies hardware, and the Greenwich tech class constructs the boxes, which can then be “adopted” for $20 each.

On Saturday, April 9, members of the three organizations met to install the boxes.  In addition to SAAS member Mona Bearor, the work crew consisted of DEC field technician, Evan Wills, and WIA members Jeff Duxbury, owner of Dux’ Dekes, Jeff’s son Nate, and Dan Spigner, also of the WIA, with his son Kiernan.

Many Wood Ducks were seen and heard as the work was completed and, thanks to the late arrival of spring, the boxes were placed in time for this year’s nesting season.

Jeff Duxbury of the
              WIAand Evan Wills of DEC place a new Wood Ducknestbox.

Jeff Duxbury of the WIA and Evan Wills of DEC place a new Wood Duck nestbox at Carter's Pond in Greenwich.

Other Conservation Issues

  SAAS has also been actively involved in the following local issues: